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30.april 2008:

Dear boerge baje   Namaste

we are so happy and thankful to read your kind mail. Now our 1st floor is already finish and we will start 2nd floor also in come this week. 1st and 2nd wall is ready only work of 2nd roof  will start in this week.  All thinks are growing expensive. So we need some extra money. If possible you can send some money as you wish.

We are excited and wetting to see you all 18 sponsors. A very warm well come to you all and see you soon. 

lots of love and greeting from our family.

Sabitri family


17. april 2008:

15. april 2008: 

dear baje

               nameste , we all are missing you alot. we all are fine, children are enjoing their holiday after 2 week they have new class most of our children got good marks in final examination.

               today sumnima and numa sponsor gave Rs35,000. (thirty five thousand rupess) for our new bulding and visited numa sponsor and sumnima sponsor friend in our new own house place they both like our place very very much and very happy. we told your kind help  to belgium friends and request for financial help to our new house to belgium people also.

 nowadays construction is going well and make pole for upster. tomorrow i will sent you a picture(nimu). if we will  need money we will told you.  beloved baje thank you very very........much  for your kind and precious help. we all are very greatful to you and denish friends.give our regards toyour friends who help us in kindly way.

thank you.

 with love sabitri family! 


11.februar 2008

Dear respected Baje,

So we all are busy for the house all the way therefore children are busy with thier studies> Now a days we have electricity prblem so we can't use computer more day by day therefore today we aren't capable to send you pictures but tomorrow we will definately send you our field constuctions works pictures because we are really doing hard to make house soon as possible.
So we have always  three people incuding home memebers to watch in night to look after all things we bought.We are very careful about all that at last thank you from the bottom of our hearts to you and all denish people friends and all your family as well cares from sabitri home.

6.februar 2008

 Dear Respected Baje,

Now just today with everything fine we got money almost 3,00,000 lakhs nepali rupees by the help of you and all those nice people who helped for our orphanange home.So tomorrow we will load pictures of all things what we bought for in the process for the home that we are going to built definately.But today we are aviable to send you pictures that we are in our construction works we are on under process of digging process to built for home to our orpahanage.

At last cares and love from sabitri home.Thank you alll again from the bottom of out hearts we are very happy and wish to see you soon cares and love.